Donations for 2023-2024

As you consider your choices for your Annual Giving, please remember what the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) has meant to you and the field of freshwater science, and help strengthen it with a gift! SFS Leadership, in partnership with the many society volunteers who serve on critical committees, have been generating exciting plans to grow and strengthen key initiatives, and create new programs in 2024 and beyond. The Society’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan describes SFS goals in support of our vision statement: The Society for Freshwater Science will be a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse community dedicated to advancing, applying and translating science for the health and vitality of freshwater ecosystems and the services they provide.

You can support the Society for Freshwater Science by giving to any of the designated funds listed below, and through non-monetary contributions by serving on SFS committees. Your generous support helps SFS continue to grow as a society in pursuit of the goals articulated in our Strategic Plan.


Directed giving to meet annual expenses

  • SFS Diversity and Inclusion to increase the participation and mentorship of undergraduate and graduate freshwater scientists from under-represented groups. Includes support for Instars.
  • Student and Early Career Enrichment Fund to support travel to meetings and unique educational opportunities for students and early career members.
  • Emerging Strategic Needs, providing flexible support to be allocated where need is greatest.

Giving to support SFS Endowments

  • SFS Endowments, which enables continued funding of competitive awards including named awards, primarily in support of graduate student research
  • Endowed Publication Fund to defray author expenses (such as page charges and ESL editing service) when publishing in the Society journal, Freshwater Science

SFS is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit and we are committed to the careful stewardship of the generous gifts made by members like you.

For your support now and in future, we thank you!!!